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At SafeBev, we are dedicated to providing businesses and organisations in various industries, the means by which to adapt to the current Covid-19 environment, with particular emphasis on the food and beverage areas of your business. Click on the link below, and discover more about us


What We Can Offer You

At the heart of what we can offer you, is a surprisingly very simple idea, that has the ability to help you adapt to the current Covid-19 environment, whilst also bringing other benefits to your organisation

Allow us to assist you and your organisation in adapting to the current Covid-19 environment, and flourish once again

A percentage of our profits will go to charitable causes. You get to be a part of this, as well as raising awareness

Our drinks pouches and business model will open up new revenue streams for both us and yourselves

Play your part in protecting the environment. The products we can offer you are made from 100% recyclable material

Provide reassurance to your workforce, that you have taken steps to make their working environment safe
Our story

A lightbulb moment

A lightbulb moment, that inspired us to create this business, with the aim of helping other businesses and organisations, to adapt to the Covid-19 environment.

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Stay Safe, Adapt
& Be Productive…Once More

With a simple idea and innovative solutions, our vision is simple…help businesses, organisations and industries get back to doing what they do best

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Meet The Team

With a varied and contrasting array of skills and experience, we cover all bases

Bobie Rahman

Managing Director

With a background in the media and television industry, and an entrepreneur at heart, Bobie brings a wealth of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the organisation. An experienced television producer and director, organisation, perfection and getting things right are Bobie’s hallmarks

Tufael Ahad

Managing Director

With a background in the travel, leisure and hospitality industries, and having worked with some hugely prestigious and influential organisations in the past, Tufael brings a wealth of experience in providing excellent service, project management and building effective relationships with his clients

Supporters & Partners

For willingly standing on the frontline for the benefit of us all, we are hugely proud to support the NHS and their official charity, NHS Charities Together, a federation of almost 250 charitable organisations that supports all the devolved National Health Service, their staff, volunteers and patients in the United Kingdom

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